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Update: greetings all! There wont be any current updates on this page anymore.
BUT! don't think I'm giving the Realm of the Beavers up! no way!
The Angry Beavers shall never be given up! no, instead I decided to get myself
a simplenet site! yes! with this Unlimited Space i'll be able to provide all you
Beaver fans out there with just about any large file or info you need!
Keep watchin' this page for any updates on my new site: spoot.simplenet.com!

Welcome to the "Realm Of The Beaver" Webpage!
Here you'll find various information about

The Angry Beavers

This is also the home of the Angry Beaver WebRing;

The Realm Of The Beavers

Along with those spiffy things, you'll also have access to audio and
video and visual entertainment from our fun loving large tooth buddies.

I decided that this site needed some spiffing up, also the fact that I kept adding
more things made my old menu bar go bye-bye. So Here's the new one.

Small isn't it? ;)
But as you can see it's got more links (most are dead currently..but give me some time.)
The current ones running are the Webring, Profile Page, Chatroom and thats about it.
Remember, this site is always UPDATING so check that link once in a while and see if anything special is up.
See ya around!

On a side note -- I've added a message board to the Realm Of the Beavers
The link has yet to be added upon the Normal menu bar because I want to
See if it'll kick in or not.  No sense is owning a board if no one uses it...right?
Click Here to Enter the Board

Oh yes, and I decided to remove the update page. Really it'd be better for all of us!
You don't need to click an extra link, and *I* don't need to upload the page again when one single
Details is done with allot of description!

Update: June 28, 1998 -- The Music Page is up~!
Update: July 07, 1998 -- Pictures are up~!
Update: July 07, 1998 -- Game Sector is up~!
Update: July 13, 1998 -- Picture Perfect now has -- The Mighty Knothead Pictures!
Update: July 20, 1998 -- Movies with Norbert and Daggett is now open!
Update: July 27, 1998 -- Nothing big, but the "About Me" section is up.

Questions? Comments? Flames?
[E-mail Me]

Yes! we did it beaver fans! This site has proudly reached 1000+ hits as of
Monday July 13th 1998
The ROTB is PROUD to have reached such a number in such a short time!
I give you all who have returned here my greatest Thanks!

And Just -how- do the Angry Beavers feel about all you fans out there showing the world
You love them? Check it out yourself!
And If you want an even better version, just click on it for the avi!

(Sorry for the slow load up, but this IS a animated gifI)

We love you too guys!

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Kayden "SpinFast" Exile.

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