|(`··´)¤[ S o n i c T h e  H e d g e h o g ]¤(`··´)|
|(`··´)¤[ F A L L E N   A N G E L ]¤(`··´)|
|(`··´)¤[ Written By: M E T A L S O N I C ]¤(`··´)|

Beta Version 5..03

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Well, You were one of the Lucky dorahs who got
my story. Heh, I pity you. This story has very few
copyrights I'm glad to say. Other then the following

——=Sonya Sho Robotnik

I don't really plan on getting any other copyrighted
Characters. but this is in the making so who knows how
it'll turn up. The following things are copyrighted by
their respected creators:

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If you see things that are currently not in the story, well that's
cause I'm planning to place them in it so like..."chill roomie.."

(C)1998 Sonic The Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prowers, Dr. Ivo
Robotnik, Princess Sally Acorn are copyrighted by Sega.

—•—º—•—Writers Corner—•—º—•—

A few years back I lost someone dear to me.  He was really
the guy that got me into Video games.  After he passed away
from heart failure I fell into a deep depression.  I never felt as
bad about someone's death as I did his. (not even my fathers death was taken as bad...<But that's because I hate my father>). ASADAE was dedicated to him, but I realized soon that numerous people hated it.  I didn't want that, I'm sure he would have liked the series if he had been alive this day... (he was also the one that made me very...umm..psycho'ish.)  So again I try to make another story.  In hopes that this time this one will be more respected and more loved.  Because it asks a simple question that , god forbid, we might someday have to face: If you could take revenge on someone who took something you loved from you...would you do it? even if it ment forever betraying the ones you love? I know I would...  But my outcome and out look on life might be compleatly different from yours.  I don't see myself beyond 30 years of age.  I don't see my future.
They say that god put us on this earth for a purpose and someday that purpose will come to us...
But then they also said The United States will achive world peace....
WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! It's just never gonna happen!! To quote Sonic The Hedgehog from his first Japanese game: Don't just sit there and waste your precious time.  When you want to do something, do it right away.  Do it when you can.  It's the only way to live life without regrets. Don't let yourself slip into what I let myself fall into...if you got dreams, you got a future.  Only now have I gotten someone dear to me that's making me see my dreams.

So get offa your butt and shoot for the stars!

Enjoy the story.


Spacerat would still be the main person I dedicate this too.

However, everyone of my beta readers I do owe thanks to.  You've been a great buncha Mobians.  Bookie, Blade, Max, Mecha, Compie, Spacerat, Angie, Roxane, so on, so forth.

Heh, I promise I'll have all your names on the final dedication.

Chapter 1.1

The rains had fallen throughout the night, it's
remaining droplets clung to the leaves and peddles
of the Great Forests lush trees. As was told earlier
that morning, the plan was basicly set and ready to be
taken into action by them:

The Freedom Fighters

    Princess Sally Alicia Acorn, a red headed Squirrel
with soft brown fur and welcoming blue eyes waited for
her most prized and over zealous fighter: Sonic The Hedgehog.
Acording to Bunnie he had been waiting for the next
Power Ring to emerge from the Pool not far from Knothole.
Arriving at the scene she found nothing but the crystal
clear lagoon. "Sonic?" she called out.
    "Behind ya Sal." startled by the whisper she turned
quickly and gazed into the eyes of the hedgehog. Their
noses touched, eyes made contact and finally a small
cracked smile formed on both of their lips. "Scared ya?"
    "N-no...I was wondering where you went."
    "Sorry Sal, Nature called." Sonic smirked some
and held up the golden glowing ring. "Got it Sal, let's
get this mission over with. I'll go get the big guy."
    "Why?" countered Sally before Sonic could vanish
into the new morning sun.
    "You said We'd take 'em along on the next mission."
    "Sonic..." sighed Sally. "You know what will happen
    "Yeah I know, but you promised him...Are you going
to go back on your word?" The Hedgehog tilted his head some.
    "I rather go back on it then risk him being hurt."
    "But Sal, breakin' promises is way uncool."
    "'sides, I'll watch over the big guy!"
    "So don't worry!!" Sonic pecked her cheek before
she could demur and blasted back to Knothole.

—•—º—•— —•—º—•— —•—º—•—
3:45am Mobian Main Continent Time
—•—º—•— —•—º—•— —•—º—•—

    Robotropolis fell silence this dawn, Sonic had
managed to once again pave a path for the Freedom Fighters
to use to destroy one of Robotniks largest factories.
However the path was at a high, high cost...

    "Let me go!!" screamed the two tailed fox as he
squirmed in Dr. Ivo Robotniks gloved hands. "Sonic'll
make you sorry!"
    "Oh, i'm positively trembling in fear you two tailed
brat." Robotnik chuckled evilly; removing a plasma rifle
from atop of a counter. The Robotropolis Factory, number
5-5-5-32-81 shook madly as massive chain reaction of
explosions blew apart many pieces of Swatbots and exterior.
The bloated human pressed the gun to the kits forehead
and glared; as a shadow came from the only exit.
    "Let him go buttnik!!"
    "Ah, Sonic, your friend was beginning to worry."
Robotnik turned to the hedgehog, waving the gun at the
kit's head. A small whimper came from Miles as sonic's
eyes fumed with rage.
    "Let him go..." The rumbling got louder, Tails
screamed as a piece of scrap metal nearly took his arm
off; if Robotnik hadn't moved aside to avoid his own
    "I'll make you a deal...hedgehog. Let me pass,
and I shall free your little friend." another far to
close collision near Tails made Sonic shiver some
and nod.
    "Fine!" Sonic moved out of the way of the door.
    "Give me back Tails"
    Robotnik grinned cruelly and tossed the kit across
the room away from Sonic. Miles screamed and slid down
to the ground, just grabbing a pawfull of ground. "This
will keep you busy a while, hedgehog."
    "Tails!!" Sonic shot pass Ivo and skid to a halt.
    "Fly big guy!"
    "I-I cant!!" Sonic grabbed a handful of his back
fur and pulled him up slowly, noticing one of his tails
was hanging lifelessly and bent. By now the kit was
crying hard as he clutched Sonic. Robotnik had reached
the pod already and chortled. Slowly aiming his gun to
    "It...ends...Hedgehog." he whispered, firing three
fatal bursts of plasma energy.

Yet, they missed their primary victim...

    Tails couldn't even gurgle out a scream as the first
struck his stomach, burning away the fur, and eating the
flesh into the warm pink meat within. The second shot
ripped open his chest, which bursted with a red crimson
as dark as the very soul of the one who fired. The
final explosion caught his neck, bathing Sonic in blood
who screamed as the kit clung to him and the salty red
liquid burned his eyes. He could hear Robotnik's
cold laughter echo then vanish with a roar of engines.
The rumble was getting louder, he glanced slightly at
Robotnik's blurred image who vanished with a grin on his
face in a cloud of pollution.
    Sonic prayed the gore he felt over his eyes was
his own as he lifted the kit and ran out of the room
blindly stumbling into rubble. "Hang on Tails..."
he whispered before hitting warp sonic speed, out of
the factory, Robotropolis, and finally into the
Great Forest.
    Sonic could hear the kits horrible rasping,
the blood was everywhere...on his quills, the kits
face, his gloves, his own face, even his eyes. Sonic
trembled, he felt no pain, no physical pain. Inside
however; his mind raced, to much blood, The kits
rasp breathing, his near motionless body, and his
weak groans.

Tails was dying...

    Tails begged him to stop, the pain was to much
to continue on with. Sonic skid to a halt near the
Power Ring Pool, he laid the kit down and kneeled to
him. "big guy...w-we gotta go..."
    "Sonic...it hurt..." rasped the kit, convulsing
badly. "Please...make it stop..."
    "I..." he looked down at the kits bloody body,
so much blood everywhere, part of Tails internal
organs hung into exposed view. He knew there was no
chance...no way on Mobius could these wounds be healed
in time..."It...It'll end...soon Tails..." whispered
Sonic, clutching the kits hand.
    "D-do you..promise?" promise, the word that
brought the young kits end. Sonic forced tears to
remains away from his eyes.
    "I..promise...Miles..." Tails smiled at him, his
one unbroken tail swayed some and brushed against
Sonic's face. The kit's eyes became unfocused for its
final moments, Sonic saw the pupil become dilated
before Tails head fell silently to the ground as his
tail did the same.
    "Miles...?" Sonic shook the kit. "Miles!"
the hedgehog became frantic and shook the boy violently

Distant birds fluttered quickly out of their nests,
startled from the scream of Sonic The Hedgehog.

Chapter 1.2

—•—º—•— —•—º—•— —•—º—•—
6:00 pm Mobian Main Continent Time
—•—º—•— —•—º—•— —•—º—•—

    "And his memory, shall not be forgotten, and
in this new moon, may his soul rest. Upon the mobian
tides. And in a holy world of peace, he shall find
    "Let us pray, for his souls journey unto another
world. Let us pray, for his body to be blessed, and
to become, once again, part of Mobius."
    "May his soul fly high"
    "Into the depth of the night."
    "let us pray, for the gods..."
    "To bless him."
    "To make him one."
    "To forever engrave, his loving memory."
    "Into our minds and soul."
    "Kitemer blessed...kneel."
    "Freedom Fighters...bow."
    "Overlanders and Mobians alike."
    "Lower our heads in pain."
    "A part of the future is gone..."

    Silence overtook the hundreds of Mobians who had
gathered to pay their last respects to Miles Prowers. Many,
from Kitemer, to DownUnder had come to lower their heads
and mourn the loss, of the two tailed fox.
    Sonic the hedgehog rose from the group, eyes fell
upon him as he slowly walked to the alter where the kits
body laid motionless, flowers of all kind placed around him.
Sonic looked down at his face, he looked as if he was merely
sleeping off the exhaustion the earlier adventure had caused.
Any lower however, was pure and inexcusable evidence of the
cruelly and mercilessness of war.
    "And now, his burial, and final destination for his husk...
shall commence." Sonic put his arms under the kit and lifted
him, cradling him in his protection for one final time.
    The hedgehog turned to the Power Ring Pool and stepped
lightly towards it. Tears broke out from nearest Mobians to
Sonic. The female pink hedgehog recoiled and buried her face
into her hands. A silent figure put a reassuring paw to her
shoulder, Sonya hugged the figure tightly as robotic wings
wrapped around her.
Sonic took his first steps into the cold clear water.

A shock, waking up from a dream.

A dream he's lived his entire life in.

    "I'm sorry..." he whispered to the kit. "I..I didn't
want this... I didn't want you to die a meaningless death."
Sonic looked down, pausing half way to the middle. Two Mobians
began to get up to aid the hedgehog, but Sally interjected.
    "No...he's just paying his last respects to him." Sally
brushed away tears from her eyes and beckoned the two Mobians
to sit.
    "But Princess..." whispered Charles, one of the Mobians
she had held back.
    "No Charles..."
    "Love you Miles...please don't ever forget how much you
mean to me..." Sonic sobbed, continuing his slow walk to the
lakes deep end.
    "And his soul...shall not be...forgotten. Life will always
go on." Sonic weakly sung out.
    "In the Dark..." The winged guardian feline whispered,
her Kitemer kin and Freedom Fighters following her lead:
    "In the Light..."
    "In pain of Remembrance."
    "In dreams..."
    "In life...."
    "We will....remember him. Journey onward Miles..."
    "Bring your soul to god."
    "Always remember..."
    "Your life upon Mobius..."

    Sonic lightly kissed the two tailed foxes forehead,
before releasing him, into the soothing chilling water, he
slowly submerged;

his body once again becoming part of Mobius.

    Sonic fell to his knees, he sobs uncontrollably.
Sally moved over to the lake, stepping in and advancing
on Sonic. "Sonic..."
    "Miles..." he watched his body float into darkness,
a burning image. "I'll avenge you..."


Chapter 1.3

No one blamed him...
But he blamed himself...
He failed to protect him...
His friend...
More then a friend...
Now he was dead...

    Miles was so much more to Sonic then just a friend,
he was family. It had been hours since the funeral had
ended, yet the pain still burned and pulled at his core
just as it had those final moments Miles was alive.
    He failed the young kit, he failed to protect him
like he had promised he would in unspoken vows of the past.
Sonic had managed to escape to the loneliness of his own
room to sort out his pain and growing flames of anger.
Tears fell from his eyes as bitter infuriation and self pride
attempted their best to keep the hedgehogs emotions under
    Everyone seemed to be taken away from him. His
father doesn't want him to live a normal happy life once
this war ends. Sonic could almost hear his voice mocking him
as if it was in his very room.

<<Do you think I would let you escape the pain from
the past?>>
    "leave me alone."
<<I killed him hedgehog...Yet Miles blood is on your
hands. How does it feel to fail the one who trusted you
with his life?>>
    "leave me alone!!"
<<Who will you fail next Sonic? perhaps Princess Sally?
or maybe your sister?>>
    "I won't... I won't fail again!!" Sonic rose from
the bed, his eyes in a hateful glare. "I'll make you pay
for hurting him!" Sonic screamed, slamming his fist into a near
by table and smashing it into splinters, he lifted his bloody
and torn glove up and send it down on the post of his bed, a
loud crack sounded from his knuckles, but he didn't stop.
    Sir Charles had been outside as Sonic's fit of rage
began and took full control of him. "Sonny!" he called out
banging on the door violently. "Open up!" the sound of
shattering glass was his only reply.
    "Where are you Robotnik?!" hissed Sonic, "Show yourself!
or are you too cowardly!?"
    "Sonic! get a hold of yourself lad!" Charles ducked just
in time as a glass piece flew over his head.
    "Finally!" Screamed Sonic, staring directly at Charles with
glassy eyes, "your goin' down Ivo!!"
    "Sonic no! it's be Charl~" Chuck screamed, sinking to his
knees as Sonic withdrew a sharp piece of glass from the elderly
hedgehog's muscles he had just implanted.
    "Your going to suffer for what you did father..." Sonic
pulled his hand back and ripped open the hedgehogs cheek, unopen rose bud pink colored flesh mixed with the raw meat colored gore for Sonic's viewing pleasure. He again pulled back his hand to deliver another blow onto the elderly uncle...

but that never came...

Sonic was on the ground in seconds, screaming.



Robotnik knelt down to the kit and slid his
fingers inside.

How was it possible?

Tails screamed, squirming and crying out HIS
name. Where was HE?

He wasn't there..how could he know?

Robotnik laughed, thrusting deeper.

It burned his mind remembering something he
had no true memory of...

Blood began to pour out of the kits opening.

A memory...but, belonging to someone else...

    The room came into focus moments later. Sonic's
torn and shattered room, blood was on the walls, on his
hands. Broken memories laid piled up in one particular
corner. Sonic stared at a trembling figure; what was once
Robotnik lying petrified in a corner, bleeding, sobbing,
and scared in Sonic's fiery eyes...was his dear uncle.

    All Sonic could manage was a horrible screech before
collapsing into tears and convulsion.


Chapter 1.4

<<Calling your name...>>
<<Can't you hear me calling..>>
<<Calling your name...>>
<<Calling, your name...>>
<<I can't reach you!>>
<<Sonic...don't let me fall...>>
<<I won't lil' bro... I won't let you fall...I'm not
gonna let you down...>>

    "Sir Charles condition has improved Princess."
    "And Sonic's?"
    "He's suffering from delusion..." Princess Sally
looked down, her ears tilted back some. The silence of the
medical lab in Knothole was overwhelming this night. Sonic
laid silently in his bed, staring up at the dim light structure
overhead that made him quiver. He could smell that
horrible stench of disinfected objects around him, but could
only tilt his head a quarter of an angle to gaze at them.
    He let out a groan and tried to place his hands on his
forehead to block that wretched light from drying his unblinking
eyes anymore then it already felt like. Were his hands to weak to
even lift themselves? He couldn't move at all, why?
Again he groaned and strained. "Princess, he's awake."
    Rotor moved away from Sally and touched Sonic's forehead.
"Sonic..." whispered Sally in a scared, almost infant like
voice. Sonic's eyes moved to her, again filling with
tears. The harsh light was turned off and Sonic could again
focus his vision on those around him. He tried to lift his
arm agian, but still, he couldn't. This time he realized what
held him back.
    "R-re..strainers?" he croaked out.
    "We had to Sonic...for your protection..and ours." Said
Sally. "You were trashing around madly, as if to get free from
something...please Sonic...Get some rest."
    "I, failed him..."sobbed Sonic. "Let me die..."
Rotor peered up at Sally who nodded. The walrus left the
hedgehogs side and went to a medical table, plucking a small
needle with a sedative liquid and going back to the Sonic.
He carefully inserted the needle which made the hedgehog groan
    "He's gotten more anaesthetize Princess..."
    "Let's leave him be Rotor..."

    The door closed silently in front of the hedgehogs eyes,
it's outside warm light was again shut from him, leaving his
chilled body in the cold cruel room of turmoil and conviction
upon himself. Self pity and regret overcame him far more then
the drug had. He now had his dreams to torture himself in.

    Images of the bloody kit standing in front of him,
staring with blank cold eyes. His grotesque maw would open to
gurgle out a scream of absolute terror and rage but would only
expel a ocean of blood which covered the shrieking Hedgehog body then ate away at him like an acid.

    A heart beat, not his own, growing louder and louder as it rang out. "Make it stop..." he demanded. "make it stop...I tried to...
I can't change the past!!"


    A whimper broke the stillness."help me brother...don't let
me die this way..." it's voice became distant and cold. dying..
"I don't want to die..."
    "I can't...c-change the past..."
    "Don't let me die...don't let him win...stop him..."
    "B-but..Blade Wing....and he..are.."

    Sonic opened his eyes once again, a burning light caused
him to blink and squint. Princess Sally held a penlight
to his dilated pupils. "Get...that out of my eyes..." mumbled
the hedgehog.
    "Sonic your life signs dropped...I had to~"
    "Get it out of my eyes!!" he hissed, startling the
princess. A cold chill ran down her neck as the hedgehog glared
hatefully at her, struggled some in his restraints again.

A silent prayer to the Chaos Emeralds left Sally's mind.
She was *VERY* glad he was restrained....

—•—º—•— Chapter 1.5 —•—º—•—

Time dragged on as it always does on Mobius, only those
few understand the true meaning of eternal damnation of waiting. One, was Sonic the Hedgehog, his 'callings' had driven him to such points of violence where constant restraining was placed on the hedgehog. He needed to wait, wait for that time where he could get Blade alone and ‘discuss' his ‘proposal' to her. And now, it finally came...

Blade was assigned to feed Sonic tonight and the hedgehog snickered,  he knew she'd come any moment. His shadowed figure watched from the bed, his eye staring at the crack of light from the doorway. It opened ever slowly as Blade entered. Blade was unlike any normal Mobian. Met long ago as an enemy, Sonic grew to love this special feline. Unlike most of Kitemers residences, she was a Phoenix, born of the Chaos
Emeralds...her limitless powers however, were foreign to her. It had also bore her many enemies and those who would use her for thier own evil purposes were that of a great number... She was freak o' nature as the elite of Kitemer would call her. Taloned feet and knees protruded from her person, Long metallic wings also could be found on the mystical feline, however most of the time they stayed in her back inlays. She
had untamed deep purple hair as well as two darker colored dread locks on each side, her body fur was a slight off-white. Blade Wings forehead had the markings of her species; a Phoenix bird emblem. Blade's stature was far from the amazonian muscle bounded feminine look. She was only a kit but four years older then Miles. Blade Wing had an exceptionally long tail, it was special, around five to six feet.

Blade Wing was special to many people in Knothole, she was a sister to  Princess Sally Acorn who's father had committed adultery on Blade's chosen Guardian and protector, Storm Soul. Blade Wing was a sister to Sonya Robotnik, Doctor Ivo Robotniks daughter and Sonic the Hedgehogs sister. But Sonic didn't care about any of that, he only
cares about one thing...

Her link to Ivo Robotnik.

Yes, Indeed Blade Wing was special to Sonic. The family Robotnik had close relations to Blade obviously. Sonya would lay her life down without second notice for the loving sister. Ivo Robotnik wanted her as his slave and puppet, their link together caused them both to be forever immortal, to feel each others pain through out the millenniums to come. If one was to die, so would the other...only to be brought back to life again through their link.

Only if both were to die at the same time would the link become void.

Sonic knew that...He counted on that..he's been preparing...

    "Sonic, are you feeling any better tonight?" Blade asked in her usual semi-cheery voice. Sally had told her to be wary of Sonic. He had already attacked Rotor while the feeding was taking place but a week ago.
    "I'm feeling better now that your here Blade." he replied. It made Blade feel uncomfortable and she weakly tried to smile. "What's for dinner...?"
    "Your favorite...Chili dogs. I snuck this out for you, since i'm sure you've been dying for it."
    <<Dying...>> Thought Sonic. <<Did she HAVE to use that word?>> "Thanks Blade..."
    "It's okay Sonic... Sonya's been worried about you..."

    "Has she broken out of that depression?"
    "She's trying...she hasn't spoken to her father in some time. I doubt she ever will again. Do you think he took note of that when he ..."
    "No, I don't think the fat bastard knew what the hell he just opened when he killed Miles...That sorry son of a.." The heart rate Apparatus' annoying beeping increased as the Hedgehogs voice grew dark.
    "Sonic, calm down...Try not to..."
    "Think about it?" finished Sonic, his voice once again beginning to hiss. "Do you think bein' confined to a bed for the rest of my life, alone and in the Dark will help me 'not think about it'?! huh? do you?! How'd you like to feel helpless and not be able to get back at the thing that took away the most meaningful person in your life huh?!"
    "Sonic please..your hear~" "Help me Blade...Help me get back at the bastard..."
    "Sonic, Freedom Fighters Don't..."
    "I'm no longer a Freedom Fighter Blade." Sonic glared at her. "I don't want to be a Freedom Fighter any more... And you know you want to help me get back at him for killing your 'Little One'."     "It cannot be done Sonic...He's linked to me, you know that... if you killed him...he'd just come back through me." An eerie silence filled the room, Blade once again shivered and wrapped her tail tightly around herself.

Finally Sonic whispered "Unless you both die."

    "Yes." Blade sat as far as possible from Sonic, watching his hands run over the belt latch...the only thing holding him down.
    "There must be another way Blade."
    "There is no other way..."
    "Your lying to me...don't be stupid, why are you trying to protect that bastard...?"
    "He's your father Sonic, He's Sonya's father."
    "Look what he's done to her, to me and all of Mobius. You can't tell me he doesn't deserve the fate I want to give him."
    "No one deserves the fate you plan for him Sonic... I can feel your anger... It's quite robust." Blade looked away. "Sonic, I can't help you. I~"


    Blade's ears Pirked, she immediately summoned her Robotic wings up as a blow struck them, which would have surely killed her if she had failed to react in time.

*Click* *click* *click*

    Blade's eyes widened in pure terror as she rolled out of the way of another attack, Sonic leaping to her last location, quickly using the force of his landing to repel himself in the opposite direction and make contact with the phoenix. She shrieked as Sonic cuffed his hands over her mouth from behind and gripping her tightly around the waist. She whimpered as the hedgehogs rasp breathing flowed into her ear. "Listen to me Blade" He whispered into her ear. "We got to remove your link...we gotta..."
    "Don't do thisss..." She hissed at him as he moved his paw to allow her to speak. Sonic replaced his hand again.
    "Do you know how it felt to see Tails face light up with horror as that death sentence was on him Blade..?" Blade froze. "He didn't want to die...he begged me to stop the pain Blade... Robotnik deserves to suffer the same fate someone who DIDN'T have to... There must be a way Blade...there MUST BE!! For Miles, there has to be..." he moved his hand from her ever so slightly. Blade rapid breathing slowed as Sonic's did the same.
    "Chaos Sonic...your asking me to give up the only thing that keeps me alive from all those who~" She whispered.
    "For your little one..."
    "Sonic, please, stop ..."
    "Then tell me..."

    Blade began to sob, Sonic felt her warm tears run down his ungloved hand. "I don't want to become more Robo~" she stopped herself and let a small gasp out. Sonic lifted her up and placed the shrieking kit over his shoulder.

"I'm sorry Blade...I'm so sorry..."

A Blue light exploded from the infirmary.

Destination: Robotropolis.


— —º— — Chapter 1.6 — —º— —

    The mind tends to play a trick or two on every and all Mobian at least once in their lives. Sonic was no exception, only his mind reeled with the image of his own father butchering his beloved brother Miles over and over in his mind like a repeating tape which captured those final moments of the loss of his sanity. Now another was about to suffer in his circle of agony: Blade.

    She was the innocent victim of this little game of war. Her elimination of her link to Robotnik was all Sonic needed to become the victor of this final battle. Heading towards Robotropolis with the reluctant phoenix at hand, he began to visualize the scene of Miles death in his eyes. The site drove him into anger, hatred for any of those who were related to Julian Ivo Robotnik.

    Blade was crying by now, she knew Sonic wouldn't let her go. Something was driving him, she could feel it's presence in his body, pushing him to take the limits on everything. It was the loss of sanity and the temporary control of it's stronger foe. An abandoned factory lied not to far ahead as Sonic continued his repeated ranting over how sorry he was he had to do this. Blade tried to kick him but it seemed as if the hedgehog was far to gone to be stopped by pain. Sonic halted inside the poorly lit factory. It's interior was in shambles, no doubt from a recent attack from the Freedom Fighters. Turning his attention on one soul device that laid unscathed in the crumbled building; The Roboticizer. Carfully plucking the trembling kit off his shoulder he opened the glass container and tossed her in.

    "I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I didn't want this to happen... but to save Tails we gotta go through it..."
    "Sonic please...I don't want to be a Robot...please..." Sonic slammed the container shut and moved to a console, activating it and running his paws over numerous buttons and switches. He switched on the primary power, which, surprisingly activated without flaw. He then prepared the Roboticizing units pulse power. A shriek emitted from the glass container, a fogged shadow which was that of Blade Wing banged repeatedly on the tubing.

Power activation completed. Begin phase two of Roboticization process...

A frame image of Blade appeared in a small monitor in front of Sonic. He scanned quickly over it and punched in the proceed command.

Scanning process completed. Roboticizing ALL of Mobian Subject. Processing . . .

    Her vision darkened for a moment then exploded with a horrible painful light that overtook her body and began to shred her flesh and replace it with Cold steel. Blade cried out, her paw slamming against the glass. Sonic backed away some and continued his cold unemotional glare. A warning light went off and the scream of an alarm startled him.

Malfunction overload! Subject Contains Robotic parts. Roboticizer attempting to Roboticizer inorganic material, impossible. Attempting override.

Failure to override. Error, contentious Loop process...

    "Blasted thing!" hissed Sonic. Another far more robotic shriek came from the container, accompanied by a glass shattering explosion. Stumbling out was the phoenix, now partly roboticized, but gore covered, she hissed as blood dribbled down her chin, her eyes glowed red against their black background. "Shit..." Sonic backed away as the phoenix spread her wings, roared in frustration and agony and finally dashing out of Robotropolis into the forest. Sonic zipped to the console and quickly typed in the final command to retrieve the log of the Roboticization. With a short satisfied whoop he dashed off out of the factory, leaving the console monitor on, it's final reading flashing deep red:

Roboticization Completed.

— —º— — Chapter 1.7 — —º— —

    The 'delightful' scent of burning motor oil wafted into the nostrils of Doctor Ivo Robotnik as a large explosion irrupted not far from the control room. Robotnik paid it no heed as he pressed a small button marked 'rwd' and continued to stare contentedly at a monitor. Another explosion shook the building. Snively, Robotnik's nephew and babbling assistant burst through the door.
    "S-sir! it's the hedgehog!! Our forces can't s-stop him!!" "Let him come Snively." Robotnik purred in the most delighted voice Snively has ever heard in him, which disturbed him greatly.
    "S-sir..?" "let him come."


    Sonic shrieked, his figure vanishing from view for a moment, an explosion ripping from a swatbots husk and the white angry eyes of the hedgehogs bolting to the next bot and repeating the process of dispatching. When all was done he lifted his head and screamed out the name of his tormentor, freeing himself from the enigma of wires and computer chips. All that stood in the way of his final confrontation was one rather large robotic duplicate of himself.

Metal Sonic.

(yes I had to put myself in..I was feeling egotistical :P)

    The hedgebot stared into the furious hedgehogs eyes. It lifted it's clawed hand and slowly folded all but his index finger and mimicked sonic's mocking stature. This angered Sonic who leaped head first into Metal, knocking the bot back, as it wanted. Metal sunk his claws into Sonic's leg and flew up, about to tear into the ceiling and out of Robotropolis as Robotnik commanded, but Sonic had other plans. "I don't think so tin can." Sonic spun quickly, he heard a small tear from his leg and intense pain following it, but he didn't stop. Metal lost control and spun with him, Sonic elbowed the bots cheek and rammed it head long into a wall.


    Sonic scrambled away from it before spitting at the crushed head. Metal's eyes flashed red repeatedly, the bot slowly tried to stand.

Sonic's foot came down on it.


    "Don't get up." implored Sonic before looking down to see how badly his leg was ripped, his protective quills were removed from around his calf, a small amount of blood flow with much ease. Sonic shuffled his movement before trying a brisk walk. The pain was bearable and he smirked. He bolted to the door of the control room, pushing his shoulder out and slamming it open. "Robotnik you son of a bit~*" Sonic bit off his last word...

Tails!! Fly big guy! I-I cant!!


Sonic cringed as three shots were fired.

Hang on Tails...

    There was a monotone click and the sound of something spinning. "wonderful isn't it son...?" cooed Robotnik, half a chuckle. Sonic's mouth hung open as the taste of salty tears touched his upper lips. A small click was heard and again the voices began.

Tails!! Fly big guy! I-I cant!!

    "Stop it!!" he screeched, turning away from the monitor and sobbing. "You monster...."
    "Isn't it a delightful scene Sonic..? It's so rare a Freedom Fighter perishes. And one so young makes it all the more entertaining."
    "H-he died because of you..." Sonic looked down and covered his face with his paws, trying, in vain to stop his tears.
    "Did I? Or perhaps your attempting to shift the blame and lightened he burden on your conscious?"
    "I'll kill you for this..." Sobbed the hedgehog, slowly lifting his head from his paws and staring at the chair turned away from him. Robotnik turned himself towards Sonic and glared down.
    "Now Sonic," chortled the fat human. "We both know that you can't kill me...I'll always return. Thanks to my link mate Blade Wing." Sonic shot Robotnik a look of udder malevolence that made the doctor feel slightly uneasy.
    "Check your link father." Robotnik glared at him for a moment, before silently and mentally reaching into the part of his mind he rarely enters to 'feel' Blade's consciousness inside of him.

He failed to feel her presence.

    "Impossible..." he whispered, making Sonic sneer. "What did you do...?"
    "I -dealt- with the Phoenix...now I'm gonna deal with you." Sonic looked around quickly and grabbed a piece of sharp metal that was torn from the door when he entered. Robotnik grabbed a blaster...the same version that shot Miles and pointed at Sonic.
    "You can't do this... I'm your father!" Studdered Robotnik, Sonic opened his mouth to speak when he fired quickly at Sonic. The hedgehog leapt behind a console which exploded from the second round the overlander sent out.
    "What kinda excuse is that?!" Hissed Sonic, leaping out and landing close to Robotnik, he sent the large metallic material raking across his fathers belly, a very difficult target to miss..or resist. A loud shriek then a follow up of pain struck Sonic's face, knocking him into more computers, his back 'fin' shredding the surface, an electrical shock jolted through Sonic, stunning him and giving Robotnik enough time to fire again, clutching his belly and sweating like a mad man. Sonic shrieked in agony, his right leg exploded with blood, parts of his hamstrings were felt as he clutched his throbbing knee. "Bastard!!"
    "It ends...now..hedgehog." rasped Robotnik, coughing a heavy flow of blood from his mouth.
    "Gee, doesn't that sound familiar." Sonic used his good leg to repel off the computer and send the metallic piece into Robotnik's chest. Sonic's face halted inches away from Robotniks. They glared at each other for a moment. Sonic's expression turned into a tired, and satisfied grin, before he spit into Robotnik's face and fell off onto the ground, crawling away before the towering human collapsed onto him. "Im..poss..ible...."
    "For Tails..."Whispered Sonic, standing slowly He smiled seeing his father collapsed to the ground and not get up. He turned to the remaining intact console and ran his finger over the self-destruct button's case. He lifted it up and looked up. "I'll finally be able to see you Miles..." his finger went down on it. A monotonic voice came on over the speakers announcing destruction in 30 seconds, Sonic sat down and closed his eyes. "Peace."

But his peace could never be won so easily...

    A metallic large hand grabbed Sonic's left arm and twisted back, Sonic screamed and looked up, a terrified look over came him. "Robotnik!!!" screamed Sonic, his father's blood splattered over his eyes, again, he was blind with the liquid salt. He heard another loud snap in his arm, and Ivo's evil laughter. Sonic felt himself being thrown into the air, his body striking glass and shattering it. Thrown out the window of the tower.

    He felt the blast before he could hear it, it's wave of invisible hands slapped him and pushed him farther away from the exploding tower, tossing him into a fit of vertigo he has never felt before. For once in his life he had no idea which way was up, nor did he care. The rapid loss of blood made him forget all of his worries...and soon he'd be with the two tailed kit he loved so much. He felt like he was flying..when in fact he was falling, falling and would soon reach impact on ground zero Robotropolis.

<<Trivial things.>> he thought. Why should he care? it would end very soon. He smiled as he finally lost conciousness, his last vision was the exploding tower, and the roar of his father's pained cry somehow over masking the sound of the irruption.


— —º— —
Chapter 1.8
— —º— —

Mobotropolis -- 3241 -- 11:59 pm Main Contintent Standard Time

As the witching hour enveloped the streets of Neo Mobotropolis, so did the corruption and hidden dark side of the town creep from the shadows and cracks of the rebuilt city.

Not long after the defeat of Doctor Ivo Robotnik was this city reformed, stronger in some ways and weaker in others. In defenses they were strong, they need to be now that Mobius was divided into many powers. All hated enemies. Friends were spit and hatred was born between many of the vertan Freedom Fighters. Some belive that this isn't he fault of political disagree- ments. Indeed they know better. A dead little kit and the abuse of a powerful being and the insanity of another was the reason.

The many moons of Mobius shined out through the parting rain clouds, their warm beams touched the cold pavement. One would find this a calming feature of the city. But for this little kit, it was part of her nightmare.

Being dragged from her warm bed and her warm home by various trash which roams the night. Being thrown into an alley and stripped of her clothing, and being able to do nothing....but let out a weak, pleading cry. But even the bravest of Mobius wouldn't dare cross the violent stalkers of the deep night. If there were Royal guards near by, they choose to stay hidden in the shadows.

She cried as a large mobian skunk position himself over the her. Licking his hungry lips, wanting to sin her then dispose of her body, after his buddies get through. They belong to an elite group of gangs in Neo Mobotropolis. They were known to strike down anyone and anything...

No sane Mobian would face their brutal wrath.

A blue streek exploded from the corners of the alley, knocking down the Skunk to the ground. He shrieked in agony, clutching his arm. His comrades wondered why, as they moved in from their watch post. They saw deep crimson puddles of blood near their fallen leader. The wind around them picked up eerily.


"Michael?" called one of the skunk teenagers as he heard a wet thump. he looked down to see the body of his friend, the head a few yards away, expression in a fearful shriek.

He ran.

<<Fool....>> another explosion, this time in front of the running thug. He shrieked as a shadowed figure with glowing red eyes stood before him. It slowly smiled, it's ivory white teeth gleeming in the darkness. It stepped towards him, a normal foot step then a metallic clang.
"G-get away!!!" he cried, drawing his hand held pistol, it shot old lead projectiles...ancient but effective.

"Do you really think you can kill me?" it answered, it's voice without emotion. The grin widened and the eyes became a deep hateful glare. "do you -really- think you can kill me?"
"D-don't fuck with me man!!" he screeched and shot. There was a dull sound of flesh being penetrated, he saw the body jerk back some. He grinned and shot again.

and again.

and again.

He grinned when he saw the eyes shift into a pained expression. But it was quickly replaced with a look of horror as this 'shadow''s pained groans became a deep chorkle. "Is, that the best you can do?" it asked.
"What the fuck are you on man?!" the teen screamed, firing again. "Your dead man!! your suppose to be dead!!!"


He didn't have time to scream again, the shadow at last took it's form and lunged, he saw a fist strike him square in the jaw, knocking him over. Over him loomed a hedgehog of blue, his eyes fiery. His black leather jacked was covered in dripping blood. From what the teen could tell, he had directly hit him in the chest repeatedly, but this hedgehog was not even phased.

He felt something metallic brush against his naked furred chest, gripping him and pulling him up to this hedgehogs face. His eyes met the 'hogs. This hedgehogs eyes slowly shifted to his own free arm. The teenager unwillingly followed the hogs eyes. A metal claw ripped from the knuckles of the hedgehog. He looked back at him. "please don't...." he begged.

<<If you let him go...he'll only hurt more people..>> The hedgehog grinned and lifted him higher up, pulling back and finally throwing him up into the air. The teenager howled as he felt his stomach rip open wide, the metallic claw protruding out at an angle...

He was dead in seconds.

The cry died down to nothing... only the weak sobs from the girl in in the alley was heard. The Hedgehog walked by slowly to the girl and glared down at her. She sobbed, expecting she had been saved from them only so she'd be raped by her 'hero'.

But that raping never came. Instead the figure grabbed her by the arm and shot off in an explosion of light, haulting and dropping the girl at her doorstep. She slowly looked up at him, a small gasp escaped her lips as she realized left paw was robotic, probably more under the jacket. "T-thank...." his eyes flashed a deep crimson, which quickly made her shut up. He backed away slowly before turning around and vanishing in a blur of blue and black. The little kit pounded on the door until her family opened up, shocked and horrifed to find her outside naked. She clutched her momma tightly and cried out.

"Momma, momma!! it's true!! it's true!! Sonic The Hedgehog IS alive!!!"


— —º— —
Chapter 1.9
— —º— —

To call ones home Neo Mobotropolis outside of it's protected boundries, was to risk death at the hands of those anti-acorn anarcist groups. She of all people knew that, for she lead that group. She was most feared because of her species combined, and because of her father. The female hedgehog, Sonya Sho Robotnik watched on from her safe position outside of Neo Mobotropolis as her men..her followers, set up the final process on one of Princess Sallys largest employing factories. Her spies had done their job well. Leaving various tanks of explosives gases open to fill the factory quickly and silently in the night. They ran over to her and handed her the controler. "Get back." she ordered. They did as told and she began to follow.

She activated the explosives.

Such an irruption shook the boundries so hard her men were thrown off their feet. She, however, remained planted onto the ground. Her protective taloned boots kept her from toppling over. She looked back at the rubble, her eyes shifting into a somewhat satisifed glare. Tossing her cape back and tilting her head enough to see the fiery redness dance in the sky. "return to base." she commanded, her followers nodded and ran off, whooping like wild animals. She, on the other hand followed in silence and slowly. She clutched the sword at her side and grimaced.


Arriving back home Sonya tossed her gear to the side and walked over to a small alter near the shadows. A silent cloaked figure kneeled before it, soft harmonical music played out from an unknown source. Sonya looked into the mirror aside the table, it's reflective surface had been shattered, blood caked around it, splattering the surface which held it. "Blade..." whispered the hedgehog. "please come up from there..." Her put her paw on the warm shoulder of the kneeling figure.

"I spoke to him tonight..." she replied horsely.
"I'm, I'm glad for you Blade...Please come up so we can talk about what he said..."
"I hurt myself sis," Blade held out her bloody hand paw, already healing from her powers. "I wish he was here... I miss him so much..."
"I know you do...I do too Blade..." She lifted up the coaked figure, craddling Blade and nuzzles her cheek. Blade smiled weakly, kissing her softly on the lips.
"I love you Sonya..."
"As I love you...and I'll be here to protect you...always..."


As the new sun rose over the florishing lands of Mobius, did the life and tranquility begin anew. Mobotropolis became a trading ground for those young and old. Children mingled with their equals as male adults contemplated the outcome of tonights game and females discussed the latest in Princess Sallys ruling.

Sally was always a topic on everyones list.

Once Princess Sally had lost Sonic, she had changed so much... her rule was just, her defense for the threat of invasion from the kingdoms enemies, the Kitemer born and the New Freedom Fighters, were far from under adequate. Yet the threats within are what caused the nights in Neo Mobotropolis to be so horrifying...

Bunnie Rabbot walked the streets this morning. Not much sleep had been taken by the hare. All she wanted now was to go to the market place, buy a fresh batch of her favorite coffee and return to the palace to prepare for this afternoons meeting. She was tired of those meetings, all Sally did was ramble on about how Kitemer was so wrong to join with the side of those rebels lead by that foolish little overlander hedgehog. Sonya was still one of her best friends..and to hear Sally bash her in such fashions made her heart ache to defend her. Doing so would end up with her in prison for acts of trechory to the crown...so she kept her silence.

Bunnie strolls over to a small cafe, it's windows boarded up, no doubt from a break in last nights. She smiled warmly at the cashier, a handsome wolf fellow. "Trobbins! ya mangy wolf, how 're ya?"

"So so Bunnie, So so..." he gruffly replied.
"Ah see ya had a break in last night." she folded her arms and stared at the boards. The glass was nicely piled up in one corner.
"no, no, just had a bit of a temper trantrum you might say, my power got a bit out of control." he tapped the small device strapped to his arm.
"I guess when I think about the past, it get's to be too much..."
"Ah kin undahstand that..." Bunnie pulled up a chair and sat down at the counter. Dispite the rest of the room it was quite clean, made out of tile and metal...just like those old soda shops back in old Mobotropolis.

"Did ya hear?" asked the Rabbot after moments of silence "Tha hedgehog super hero stopped anothah rapin'"
"Yeah I heard..."
"People keep rumorin' that it's little ol' sugah hog." Bunnie chuckled weakly. "ah guess they can't let 'em go peacefully."
"We really don't know if he's dead or not Bunnie..."
"Ah know...but ol' sugah hog wouldn' be hackin' up them rapist like tha..s'too brutal.."
"he's changed I'm sure Bunnie..we all have..." Trobbin picked up a coffee mug and set it in front of bunnie who smiled faintly as the warm coffee aroma took over her sense, arousing and awakening them.
"I guess we'll find out in time... who that hedgehog really is.."
"If it is Sugah Hog..." she poured in her milk and 4 packages of sugar, lifting up her cup to her lips. "ah wouldn't wanna meet 'em in a dark alley...."


Mind, and corruption, are as one. The blue hedgehog, lies still in the sun. His body pounds in pain, his mind screams out for the end of his suffering. Yes, Sonic the Hedgehog was indeed alive...but was no longer what so many remembered him as. When the final process was done, and parts of his body was rebuild of cold steel and electronic components, did he feel the final part of his sanity, his personality and his life were stripped of him.

Yet through all of his pain, the removal of bones and replacements attached to veins, he whispered, thought and moaned only one sentence. "I never got to tell him goodbye..."

The sun rose and fell and the moons of Mobius shined once more over it's grace for a few periodic moments before the shadowed clouds covered them, and the first droplets of rain began to fall. Another night of rain, another night to clense the city streets of trash..trash just like his father..trash that took away Tails... Sonic put on his only form of protection from the pain: a tattered old Black leather jacket he stole from a dying criminal. It didn't matter much...he got most of the blood stains off with that nights rainfall, and the only deep ones were inside the jacket. The cackle of thunder acompanied his brisk footsteps as his boots hit soaked mud and stones. The rain was getting worst...winds pushed his loose quills against his face. He could never be so lucky as to catch his death of cold . . . he knew this, there was no god so merciful that would free him.

It didn't matter..Once he's in the city, he'll be able to hear Miles... yes, that's all he wanted now...to hear Miles soothing voice tell him how much he missed him and how much he could make a difference...He didn't know who he'd hit this night...he didn't really care either...if Miles told him to do it...he would do it...

Joy to the world....um, dot dot dot.