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Welcome to the video game sector of ~Realm Of the Beavers~
Currently there's only two archive for DLing here.
Theme for Tetrinet designed by me.

The copyright and so forth are within the zipped archive.

Projects that will hopefully make it:

Angry Beaver Doom -- You are MUSCULAR BEAVER and must defend the world from evil Beanie Baby plushies sent by the -evil- Baron Bad Beaver! (This needs allot of plot work :P)

Angry Beaver game [untitled] -- working with the great mind of TaKeShi STuDiOs: Stealth Acorn, me and him plan to create a video game of Norbert and Daggett...current ideas are them musking the living heck out of stuff.  We need ideas, hopefully you can help. Write us! xSpinfastx@hotmail.com

Tetrinet Theme Norbert -- You are Norbert and must destroy the evil Deranged Ranger guy.
Tetrinet Theme Daggett -- Using your super powers of dot dot dot stuff, you must stop Norb from winning the game!
Tetrinet The Game -- Yes, I've even provided a .zip of the game itself. Read the help for any probelms you might have.

Feel I missed something? are there more Angry Beaver games that should be here? Well then..E-mail me and tell me!


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