GuideLines For Posting In The Realm Of The Beavers Message Board

The guide lines are quite simple and listed below:

1. No cursing, if you must express yourself in such a manner please.. cover parts of it. (ie. you son of a b*tch!) -or- you can always use the all time favorite cartoon comic way -- (ie. @*&#&@&!!!)

2. Angry Beavers -- it MUST be about them.  This includes Ads, requests, questions, so on so forth.

3. NO Spamming! If I find out someone is using the message board to spam things that are not Angry Beaver related...Grrr...

4. No racist comments

5. No sexist comments

6. No Harmful negative comments on the writer of a message.  Everyone has their own opinion... counter with your own, but in a kind fashion.  Don't lower yourself to spooty caveman'ish bashing.

7. If your going to reply repeatedly on this place..give yourself a pen name...please don't let it always be Norbert, Daggett, Tree Flower, Barry, Stump... Be like me (SpinFast), or say your real name like Monica does, stuff like that! kay?

8. No one can insult Norbert ;) (Just kidding :P see rule 6)

9. Always keep the topic on the Angry Beavers -- never pull away.


There..those are my ten commandments.


Norbert> SpinFast....that's only nine...
Daggett> Eheheh...what a spoothead...
SpinFast> ::Feeds Daggett to a snapping turtle::  10. Role Playing is allowed. (see the above example)

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