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Welcome to the Out of Character Information center.   Here I have composed a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list
with all your little Angry Beaver hearts may ask or wonder about:

1. Questions about the Site
2. Questions about me
3. Questions about Linking
4. Questions about SpinFast
5. Questions about the webring



Questions on the site

Q. What exactly does ROTB stand for?
A. It stands for "Realm Of The Beavers" I didn't exactly want to type it out in full when applying for a site in Tripod so I decided to
just use ROTB. Sound good doesn't it?

Q. And TAB?
A. Well TAB stands for "The Angry Beavers" I first saw this TAB thing on Monicas Angry Beaver Page and The Red Frogs Beaver
Page. Pretty original I think :P

Q. When will you get most of your site stuff up?
A. As soon as I get a chance, I'm currently quite busy handling other things both TAB and StH (Sonic The Hedgehog) related..along
With handling that evil thing called "Real Life" ick... But I'm trying!

Q. We want Sound!!
A. Alright! Alright! eesh! In the mean time I suggest going to the Red Frogs Site for sounds, as well as other places. They aren't too
hard to find on the net. Currently, I'm trying to do many things at a time when I sit down to watch a video tape of the TABS.

Q. Like what?
A. Well, This is the process I go through: First I tape it (That isn't hard) Then I borrow my uncles VCR to play it, while it's running I both
Copy sounds from it,  capture Pictures and AVI certain parts of each show.  Once this is done I need to Convert those .wav into
mp3s and .ra Files for those people who don't want to deal with .wav format.

Q. That doesn't sound hard.
A. HA! you try doing that while parents are on your back AND friends keep babbling on to you about their problems! :P

Q. You spoke of episode guides, are you still going to do that?
A. I may or may not, I might just ask permission from Monica to allow me to use her guide and rewrite it some, or the Red Frog in exchange
for them being able to use some of the pictures or sounds I have here.

Q.  oh okay.
A. That's not a question....NEXT SECTION!

Questions About Me

Q. Who are you?
A. I cannot say Cit-tie-zen, my identify is SO secret not even *I* know who I am!

Q. Wow
A. indeed.

Q. But really, who ARE you?
A. the Webmaster of this page.

Q. I mean, who are you?
A. SpinFast.

Q. C'mon...
A. We're we going?

Q. I'll tell you who I am, if you tell me who you are.
A. I couldn't care less who you were Cit-tie- zen! evil is afoot and Muscular~err...SpinFast, must destroy it..WHOOSH!!

Q. WAIT! how can I contact you?!
A. Catch me at xSpinFastx@hotmail.com   OR you can  Try AIM, I can the name xSPiNFaSTx There too! As well as ICQ, my
UIN is: 13267306

Q. I wanna contribute a file to ROTB..can I?
A. You Sure can! just e-mail me first and tell me what it is, then send it over!


Questions About Linking Stuff

Q. Can I link to your pictures?

Q. Can I link to your Sounds?

Q. Can I link to your movies?

Q. Can I link to your games?
A. _NO_

Q. Can I put a link from my site to yours?

Q. Are there any exceptions for the linkings?
A. not many will have those exceptions, I want to keep my site as original as possible.  The only people who'd get my permission
to use my things would be Monica (She's been a good friend to me, when we do talk) and Beaver Alpha (Which I doubt shall ever
want 'em but still can use them.) For being the first beaver besides me to come up with an original character _AND_ give my site
a link without me asking ;)



Questions about SpinFast

Q. Who is SpinFast?
A. SpinFast is Norbert and Daggett's older brother Kayden.

Q. He's related to them?!
A. Yeah, I know not too original, but he is a bad guy!

Q. Wow...
A. Indeed...

Q. Could I ever use him in a fanfiction?
A. eh, write me first, I'd like to know the plot.. I was going to ask Beaver Alpha If I could do a semi-violent story about him and
Norb and Dag meeting for the first time. But I dunno...

Q. Who IS beaver alpha?
A. O.O You don't know? SHAME! Beaver Alpha is the one who beat me to making a Fanfiction Archive for the AB..and I'm
Glad too! BA'll do a GREAT job! pretty darn sure of that!


Questions on the webring

Q. What gave you the idea for a AB webring?
A. A lame friend of mines named Krystal. She also said after I made it that there were a few other AB webrings...HA! sure.

Q. Will you eat those words if you find out they are true?
A. ...............yes. :P

Q. Would you allow an Angry Beaver porn site to be placed on your ring?
A. yes, I believe in freedom of speech for everyone. No one is FORCED   to go into there.  Everyone has a choice.

Q. Do you plan world domination?
A. How'd you find out? err, I mean...no...