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Name: Kayden
Nicknames: Exile and "SpinFast"
Age: Two years older then Norbert and Daggett
Sex: Male
Species: Beaver / Pond scum / Hedgehog
Birth Date: March 10th
Eye color: Deep Blackish Purple
Sign: Pieces
Fur Coloring: A light brown like Norbert Beavers pelt
Height: about 3 foot 4
Weight: less then 50 lbs More then 10lbs
Favorite Weapon: The Katana - Ka-tah-na  The japanese samurai   sword
Least favorite Weapon: A gun...whimpy!
Favorite Food: Japanese and Slime (The pond scum part of him needs it to survive)
Hobbies: Getting "kicks" in any way possible...occasionally fighting other villains just to get into fights.
Clothing: Occasionally wears a cape with cloak, all black.  A shelth for his blade.
Secret alter-ego: UltimaBeaver -- The True master of really terrible....evil....things.
Favorite quote: "If it wasn't for you i'd have been there by now you sap sucking weenie!"