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First of all, Kayden was
a name i created once in
a private chat by saying
"Kay den" instead of "okay then!"

Kayden was the only surviving pup in his group of beaver packs.  However his fur and complexion are far more odd then most beavers, (similar to Norberts but still too long...think of Cloud From Final Fantasy 7 and Crono From Chrono Trigger, mixed with a bit of Sonic the Hedgehog.)

Most furry characters are far more smart when they're younger then all human babies.  So Kayden is able to talk at his young age...and able to be let out into the world.

Kayden as a deep hatred for Norbert more then any of the two beaver brothers.  Perhaps because he's so similar to Norbert.

Kayden does not enjoy watching late night horror flicks and chomping down on spicy foods around midnight + :P

As the setting sun fell over the dam not far from the crystal clear lake and corrupted alge infested forest did new life dawn upon the world... two young beavers were born on that day, their mother and father as proud as they had ever been in years...
however... there was one spectator who watched with extream hatred and jealousy over his new two younger brothers.  The young beaver was named Kayden...   the only pup of his mothers last pack that had survived and still lived with them.   "Kayden, come see your new little brothers!" called his mother.   Reluctantly he walked over, staring down at them, trying his best to conceal his growing hatred.
"what's their names...?" he asked, choking down the urge to cry.
"We named them...
Norbert," she pointed to the light brown baby beaver who slept contently. "and Daggett." his mothers finger fell upon the darker brown beaver who placed his paws around it and cooed.

"well son." called his father from behind him.   "Looks like it's time for you to move out."
"B-b-but I'm only 2 years old! you weren't suppose to have new kits till I was at least 15!" he cried.
"It's the beaver way son. Now, I'll help you pack."  Kayden was dragged away from his mother who continued to nurse the young pups.  His heart grew cold that day...

[insert dramatic / sad music here]

when the next day rose, did Kayden   get thrown out of his warm, comfortable dam into the cold cruel world.  His heart sank as he clutched the duffle bag and suit case with his only belongings.    Tears ran down his face, he was alone for the first time in his years and he didn't know how to handle such a thing....

Crossing into the forest to get to the lake he came across a large shaded and cooling area that called to him.  The hot summer had taken it's toll on this young kit... he wanted his momma, (who didn't reject in the least when his father threw him out...) to be there, his father to tell him it was okay..just a dream..he was really at home relaxing and safe...

"it's was never gonna happen kid." called a dark voice from the shadows.
"W-who?!" cried Kayden, quickly standing up and looking around.
"They call me B.C.E." Replied the voice, yet still no site of the source.  "You wanna survive in this world dontcha kid?"
"L-Lemmie alone! I'm not suppose to talk to strangers..."
"That was before kid, before you were free and ready to have your own kicks." two glowing white eyes appeared from the darkness, white ivory teeth following, shapped in an evil smirk.
"Leave me alonee..."Cried Kayden again.  Backing away.
"Sorry daddy-o, I think your just the one i need!" With that Kayden felt a sharp pain on his belly, he fell over clutching it and crying out.  A green formless creature slimed out and quickly engulfed the kit who continued to cry out..pain quickly replacing with massive pleasure and thoughts of evil.  He spent that very night in his captured state, reveling in the torture his soul felt, and the satifaction he'd soon feel..revenge...over those who caused so much pain...

Revenge...over Norbert and Daggett.


Kayden is a fanatic over weapons, magical spells and music, his favorite bands are the following:




Utah Saints


His favorite singers and composers are:

Michael Jackson

Nobuo Uematsu

And others.


Does this even remotly
sound like a good
character in the making?
Time passes as it always does...

The unforgettable night of infection with the Pond Scum was the darkest day of Kaydens life... Bent forever to get revenge on his brothers, he trainned..and trainned to become the skilled warrior beaver he had to be.

He didn't know what Norbert or Daggett might become... he didn't care.  All he wanted was to make their lives as bad as they did his.

He trained with a sword, his favorite weapon of choice: a Katana.  He trained in speed as most beavers are far slower then the average canine or wild cat.  He worked hard for years until at last he had become what he wanted...the ultimate beaver warrior. (at least to his standards.)

When your infected with pond scum you have very little time to remove it...if you fail, then it is forever part of you..bonding with your soul and becoming your darker side...  Kayden didn't know this, he soon realized after it was far to late to do anything to stop it...he took it's name after time, getting to know what he would forever be trapped with.  He became known as the evil of the forest, without a past, without a future, and ready to destroy the present...his name:

Was Kayden "SpinFast" Exile...

trapped by the uncontrolable evils, and wanting to escape...

Stay tuned, maybe I'll come up with s'more on our evil Beaver.


(C) 1998 xSpinfasTx@hotmail.com  This character and story plot was created by me.  Please do not steal, alter in any shape or form
without my approval.  The Angry Beavers are (C) by Nick ( www.nick.com )
Kayden "SpinFast" Exile is a character based on "Kayden" The dark One from a sorcerer a demon and emeralds by (me)
MetalSonic@aol.com .... confusing isn't it folks? :P