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Welcome to the Movie Sector of --=Realm Of the Beavers=-- ! Here you'll find a good amount of Angry Beaver
Movies in .avi format! So sit back, relax and marvel at their specialness! Oh yes! and I do Take requests
for movies to be made! Norbert and Daggett -love- showing off their stuff (heh heh) so ask away! if I can record

that show, i'll .avi it! :)

All avi's here were created by and cannot be used without permission.  The Angry
Beavers are (C) by Nick.  And so on.

AB introduction   desc: The intro of the Angry Beavers Show. Pretty big and not to well done due to the slow
Frame rate..but still, not too bad.    size: 3.79 megs

Outta my way! i'm playing with sissors! desc: yup you guessed it! the encounter with Pond scum, leaves Norbert
as a mean ol' bullie bent on getting rid of his uncool square brother Daggett! This is an avi of their first encounter.
size: 8.54 megs

From Good to Evil desc: Another clip from the Pond Scum episode. Norbert's not so fantastic change to the evil
pond scum infected elvis wanna-be hoodlum!  size: 1.12 megs

Em-a-tat-ing! desc: From the Episode Un-barry-ible (I think :P) comes the final part of it. When Daggett discovers
Norbert was playing HIM out in front of Barry! uh-oh.

Beavers in German desc: Wonder what the Angry beavers sound like in german? Well ...... size: 671 kb

Beavers in Spanish desc: ::points to the top description except changes "german" to "Spanish":: size: 699kb

Do The Mambo El' Norberto!  desc: The --=Realm Of the Beavers=-- 1000 hitz .avi!   size: 642kb

My special springy Doorstop... desc: TreeFlowers gift to Norbert..aww.. size: 1.85 megs

Norbert Licks his brother desc: as the title states...I did this avi as a lewd joke for one of my friends :P  size: 109kb

I hope to have more soon!