Music Of the Angry Beavers Music -- Of The Angry Beavers . . .

Ahh music, the melody of memories and emotions.  And the Angry Beavers are no less unemotional then a viewing of Titanic. (From what I heard at least..since I never watched -that- movie :P)  Ahead are various music files i've captured in the course of their showings.  The file formats include the following --   Real Audio, Mp3 Layer, and of course: .wav format.   These files are also being held by the MS REALM, tip o' the hat to MechaSonic (There's a huge difference from a mecha and a metal :P ) for letting me hold 'em there till i get my space!

Now please take time to read the totally noticable Disclaimer and copyright in bold red font size: um...really big :P


Disclaimer: I am in no way making money or so forth from these files.  I am in fact, allowing the people to vask in their glory and worship the talents from  the Angry Beaver show.  If in fact Nick does make an Angry beaver soundtrack cd/tape/etc.  then you are required by law to 'em n'stuff dot dot dot.  Which law you ask ? why the law of Beaver lovers everywhere!

Copyright: The tunes belong to Nick of course.  However, I took allot of time to rip these songs and I don't want any spooty person to just go along and link 'em..or steal them! (I've had problems like this before when I use to own a Sonic The Hedgehog site).   My sites are best known for the large amount of music and/or sound FXs . . . and if everyone just went around stealing other people stuff...well.. then no one would be original!


Now that that's done, let's list 'em up!

Name .mp3 .ra .wav Lyrics small description
Angry Beaver Theme Yes Yes Yes no everyone's favorite theme song.
Ending Theme Yes Yes Yes no A good version spliced together of the end theme!
Introduction Theme Yes Yes Yes no The song they play at the episode title name
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yes Yes Yes Yes That song Norb sings at the beach . . . -.-
I Think I like you Yes Yes Yes Yes TreeFlower & Norberts Song... I think it rocks.
The Original Beaver Fever Yes Yes Yes Yes The original version they sang before it went disco.
B e a v e r  F e v e r   Live! Yes Yes Yes Yes Live From Disco Ramma! yes, *I* got the Beaver fever!!

On a side note, I've asked a composer friend of mine to create a beaver fever midi..maybe by next month I'll have it for you! :)
Oh, and the reason I didn't put the Angry Beaver midi in here is because you can find it -everywhere-.  It gets kinda annoying :P


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(C) Nickolodeon, Angry Beavers are all copyrighted by their respected owners. blah blah blah..all music is also.