A spooty logo

Redness = Actions
Pinkness = Norbert
Liminess = Daggett
Whiteness = webmasters comments

**Norbert and Daggett are sitting together upon their holy sofa thingy
and fighting over the remote control for the Slideshow machine**

Daggett will ya let go of remote! i'm tryin' to go de-hown memory lane.

Oh yeah? Well so am I!

Your just trying to find pictures of yourself, you, egotisticly sad little beaver!

Eh? what's a eggostaticly?


**Norbert looks up at the viewer and smiles**

Oh! so glad you could join us! plu-ease, have a seat.  **He pats an open space near him which
Daggett quickly fills with his own body...before Norbert bops him away.**

**You sit down and Norb smiles. Offering you a bottle of Yahoo**

Eh? Who's this spooty ol' person? and what's it doin' here?

Quiet dag! it's our guest, our buddy here is like stump. Really silent! mwaha! it'll be okay
just relax dag, and enjoy the slides
.   **You lay back and watch before Norbert asks you which
Adventure you'd like to see first**

Welcome to the first installment of my angry beaver gallery.   currently there's not much here, but that should change as soon as I can get a hold of a vcr and time to frame grab and sound snatch. (had allot to do lately :P  )

Deranged Ranger

The Mighty Knothead



All pictures from each and all gallerys are not to be taken, linked to or otherwise from.  I've taken the time ot edit and fix these as best as possible and I wont find it enjoyable if someone goes along and snatches them without my aproval. Thank you.
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