Know Yer Daggy Waggy from your Norbie Worbie!


Vision a bit blurred on our duo beaver brothers and co.? Well then, you've come to the right profile page!!
You'll have some honest opinions and some hard facts on Norbert, Dagget, Tree Flower, Stump,  and So
on! Even a small section for the super heros of Muscular Beaver And Baron Bad Beaver! And...even my favorite
part of every character -- Their Dark side has a place on this page! (actually it's an extra part for Norbert)


Norbert Beaver
||Name||: Norbert Beaver
||Age||: Four Minutes older then Daggett Beaver
||Sex||: Male
||Clothing||: Um... nothing, unless he's Baron Bad Beaver or Disco Dancing Norbert...or otherwise.
Favorite Saying: "Biiiiiigggg Hug!!" "Daggett!!"

Philosophy: Kick back, relax, and go with the flow.

Speak the Name "Norbert" and you'll be speaking the true essence of 'cool', Norberts the older brother and naturally keeps his 'cool' through all of their adventurious senarios.  However, when he loses his 'cool' and lets that far too large ego take control, it naturally leads to various thumb wrestling matches and the 'spoothead' name calling.
Personal Opinion -- Norbert is my favorite character, basicly because I really enjoy his evil side, (ie. Pond Scum infected, or eheh..Baron Bad Beaver) and that hair! he also relates a bit to me, as I'm the
Only one who can keep the cool while the rest of my family goes ballistic...
Most loved thing about him: His looks, his revenge tatics, his ability to make Daggett look bad without trying in the least.
Most hated thing about him: The fact he only got to play a baddie about two times.
Favorite Ep With him in it: Pond Scum, Stinky Toe, Muscular Beaver 1, House Broken.
Least Favorite: Same Time Last Week.
Favorite Quote: "Puhleeeeeese Don't hurt meeee!"  "Tell Barkus"  "Thats....almost intreasting."   "Biggggg Hug!" "Heeeee.....Heeeee...."


Daggett Beaver
||Name||: Daggett Beaver
||Age||: Four Minutes younger then Norbert Beaver
||Sex||: Male
||Clothing||: Nothing unless he's Muscular Beaver
Favorite Saying: "Wooooo!!!" "This is Nuts!"

Philosophy: If at first you don't succeed...Blame your brother.

Daggett is a ball of pure energy, with a lust to compleatly and totally annoy his brother Norbert.  Daggett is insane, funny, and compleatly idiotic in a fun loving way.  Deep down he cares for his brother and will do anything to save him. (See. Stinky Toe)  Obviously his complexion displays a more tense, psychopathic and troublesome beaver, but that's what we like about him!
Personal Opinion -- I'm not as fond of Daggett as I am norbie, however, once Dagget dawns his powerful counterself... Muscular Beaver! that opinion changes compleately! ;)
Most loved thing about him: That little fin on his back and those feet! As well as his ability to speakth.
Most hated thing about him: the way he annoys Norbert.
Favorite Ep With him in it: The Mighty Knothead, Muscular Beaver I, Muscular Beaver II
Least Favorite: none really.
Favorite Quote: "die you stupid thing die!" "I'll tell you what SPAWing means!  S-ss-sssmashing... P-p-property! and... w..w..w.w.w.homping ...N..n.n..n.n.n..n.Norb!" "Hail to me! Daggett Ruler of the River viva la beaver!"


||Name||: "Stump"
||Age||: He's a tree silly...or was...
||Sex||: Male ... I think.
||Clothing||: see the "age" answer.
Favorite Saying: "..."

Philosophy: Help when needed
Having been chewed up by our beaver bros,Stump's become bests friends with them and hang out allot.  His advenutures eventually lead to the finding of his real family.
Personal Opinion -- Stump... now THIS is originality people!!
Most loved thing about him: That smile.
Most hated thing about him: ::Chokes stump:: SAY SOMETHING!!!
Favorite Ep With him in it: Pond Scum "Your free Stump! Free to return home safely!" ::Watches him go over the waterfall::
Least Favorite: Stump Looks For His Roots
Favorite Quote: " ......... " "*Thump* *Thump* *Thump* *Thump* *Door Slam!* *Door opening* *car engine starting* *Car tires screeching*"


Tree Flower
||Name||: Tree Flower
||Age||: My guess at least Norb and Daggett age.
||Sex||: female
||Clothing||: She's been seen with a old hippies vest, dyed tail, and head band.   But in this visual, you see she's wearing a smart aqua suit.
Favorite Saying: "Oh Norb..."

Philosophy: Always be that special friend.

Tree Flowers first appearance was in "Bummer of Love", love at first for old heart aching Norbert.  She thinks for her own and holds the talents of speaking various 60's phrases fluently.  Once she retired from her Hippy Years she took on the challange of writing...dreaded.. Elevator music, disowning her band "The Friendly Chartreuse Bubble Gum Machine"
Personal Opinion -- Erk... Norbie, you can do so much better...
Most loved thing about her: The hair?
Most hated thing about her: the nose...
Favorite Ep With Her in it: Bummer Of Live
Least Favorite: none
Favorite Quote: "I met a guy, he's kinda shy, he's kinda neat and oh so sweet! and he said, yes, he said, I think I like you!" "I think I like you!"

Heroes vs. Villains

M u s c u l a r   B e a v e r
||Real Name||: Daggett Beaver
||Super Hero Name||: M u s c u l a r   B e a v e r
||Sex||: Male Beaver type guy
||Clothing||: White Underwears, Yellow and Orange sock mask, green cape, blue large shirt with the letters "M" and "B" on the chest, Green Gloves, and boots.

Special Powers: Tails Slaps of Doominess, Mighty Armor Piercing Breath, mind melting powers, Whoop and Butt of Harm (I think :P).  Holds the powers of stupidity, annoyance, kind hearted goodiness and stuff like that.

Not much is know of this powerful beaver of good...stuff.  All we know is if there is an evil a foot...he is justiceses shoes.
Personal Opinion -- Muscular Beaver is the best thing since...Norbert! :)
Most loved thing about him: His ability to keep himself off "reality check"
Most hated thing about him: those underwears clash with his nose.
Favorite Ep With Him in it: Muscular Beaver 2
Least Favorite: none
Favorite Quote: "Let it feel...the whoop and butt of harm! Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!" " mighty MUSCULAR BEAVER!! shall gives this rogue a fighting chance with MY SIDEKICK!" "I hope you had your you-know-what on!" "A large splinter thingy is a foot..and we are justices shoe! Whoosh!" "And it'll be a super stench coming from a once bad bad beaver like you.""Bum bum BUM!" "Whoosh!"


B a r o n  B a d  B e a v e r
|| Real Name||: Norbert Beaver
||Hero/villain Name||: B a r o n  B a d  B e a v e r
||Sex||: Male Beaver type person
||Clothing||: Blue underwears, purple cape with hearts, greed and purple umpire'ish shirt thingy, grey blue gloves and boots...also wears a strainer for a helmet or a bucket with a painted doopy face...

Special Powers: Tails Slaps of Doominess, Mighty Armor Piercing Breath, power of evil stuff, evil laugh dot dot dot e-c-t

Baron Bad Beaver was an evil foe, until he was forced to join the side of good and became Baron Once Bad Now Good Beaver . . . spoot.
Personal Opinion -- Baron Bad Beaver was my favorite villain..till ... he became the loyal side kick of Muscular Beaver!
Most loved thing about him: His laugh.
Most hated thing about him: The fact he turned good.:P
Favorite Ep With Him in it: Muscular Beaver
Least Favorite: Muscular Beaver 2
Favorite Quote: "This is a job for .. BARON BAD BEAVER!!! Master of really terrible .. evil .. things." "Timberrrreeeeeeehheh...." "I am baron once Bad now good beaver.."


Pond Scum Infected Norbert
|| Real Name||: Norbert Beaver
||villain Name||: Norbert, Norb
||Sex||: Hunky demented looking male beaver guy
||Clothing||: Blue jeans, white t-shirt, leather jacket, black boots, chain around left arm of jacket.

Special Powers: All around evil guy, does it all for "kicks"

once infected with pond scum, norbert turned from the once loving beaver, to an evil cruel brother Daggett must face to win back the one he loved.
Personal Opinion -- Heh...I'll probably get hated for this if I told you I really really -really- like the EVIL Norbert.  Ever since I stepped into fandom with any character...the oldest I could remember was the Smurfs, down to Dark Wing Duck, Mega Man X, Sonic The Hedgehog...and now Angry Beavers, I really get such a deep thrill of seeing the main goodie good become evil.  I guess it's my own evil high >:)
Most loved thing about him: everything!! especally those sharp  toothed grin.
Most hated thing about him: Erum....that walk... he looks kinda like how Daggett Dances in the beginning of the title.
Favorite Ep With Him in it: Pond Scum
Least Favorite: none.
Favorite Quote: "Who cares ya drip!"   "outta my way! I'm playing with sissors!"   "Shut yer yap!"  "Heheheheheh..." "Bwahahaha!"

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