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Want to Join the Angry Beavers Realm of The Beaver Webring huh?
Sounds spiffy to me! All you need to know are the following:

1. You Need a webpage . . . that's just common sense.
2. It doesn't need to be compleately dedicated to the Angry Beavers, just a good part of it.
3. If someday someone actually makes an "adult" Angry Beaver site, your more then welcomed to join the ring! provided that you keep at warning on the description of the site *AND* in the beginning of the page.
4. Your site must look original, the stealing of others original pictures is what a spoothead would do. :P
5. Spelling, it help to know it :)

And that about covers it!

If all of this sound reasonable enough to you then I guess you can now listen to the description of the ring.

The Angry Beavers: Realm Of The Beaver site is dedicated fully to the Angry Beavers, providing those who dare take
It's insane and twistedlyspooty path  a good amount of pages about Those fun loving Beaver brothers (I hope since
this ring is just starting..).  Take a step, knee deep into the world of the Beavers...where chewed up tree Stumps can
talk yet we viewers nay hear them, Bears say "oh Baby" allot, and beavers dress up as super Heros!

And you thought Sliders had weird worlds ;)

Do you want to submit a site to the ]|[Realm Of The Beavers]|[ ?
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Site ID No:

Once you've submitted your site to the queue you'll need to add the HTML for me to move you into the ring.
You'll recive your needed information via E-mail when all is set and done.
The Code goes as followed on *this* page.

**Remember to Change the E-mail Address, Site ID, and your name!**

When that is compleated you'll have something that looks like This:

This site is own By: Kayden "SpinFast" Exile
And is a proud Member of The
]|[Realm of The Beavers]|[

Would you like to join the ]|[Realm Of the Beavers]|[ ?

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Spiffy Isn't it? :P However if you don't want it to look like that your more then welcomed to change the layout.
Even share it so others may bask in it's wonderfulness.
If the picture is not to your liking you may change it with one of your own, or one of the following . . .

(I myself, being a norbert fan...picked norbert as the default character on the webring logo)

Here's a "flat" version of the Default Realm Of The Beaver (ROTB) Logo -- Norbert In the House!
If your a Muscular Beaver Fan (Like I am !) Then this picture might be best a textured -- Muscular Beaver
Sometimes it helps to have more then one Beaver Super Hero (or villain) -- MB and BBB
Beaver Brother love...Let's give 'em a Biggggggg hug! -- Big Hug
The Angry Beaver Logo "textured" -- Spiffy
Dagget doing his leap and run before he hits the backround of the AB Logo -- "Textured"
Norbert waving his paw to the people. -- Norbie
Norbert again leaping just like Dagget. -- "Untextured"

To change the picture simply edit the lime colored portion of your HTML:

<img src="" align="left" border="0"></a></font></td>

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marvel at the spiffyness

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